Altec Lansing AHS615 Headset

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The Altec Lansing AHS615 gaming headset is a decent offering in the headset world. The AHS615 comes in the ever hard to open, blister packaging. The packaging is clear, so you can get a good look at the headphones before you buy them, but that still doesn’t really out weight the troublesome process of trying to get them out of the package in a timely matter. Maybe I would have had more ease with a plasma cutter.

This headset features an award winning technology, SRS-3D audio. SRS is supposed to take stereo signals and create the illusion of a surround sound system, requiring one AAA battery. In my testing, I found that while listening to music, SRS was bearable and at some times even enjoyable. However, while listening to a voice program such as a podcast or talk radio, it just created an odd echoing type of sound, I had to turn it off within seconds of turning it on. One nice feature with this headset concerning SRS, is the ability to turn it on and off at the flick of the switch.
Without the 3D audio on, the audio quality of this headset is superb. Audio sounds crisp and clear, especially with high bit rate MP3 audio files. The headphones also block out a lot of background noise, which made playing one of the latest games out on the PC market, “The Ship” (coming in a future review) intense. When recording audio, it turns out pretty nicely. This would be a decent option for the podcaster starting out that prefers a headset to a desktop microphone, or for Voice over IP. Overall, there is nothing too spectacular in the sound department; it all just works at a good quality in playback and recording.
What I don’t like about this headset is the form factor. It is much bigger than other headsets I have owned and seem kind of cumbersome while wearing them. When you first put on the headphones, you will notice they feel unlike any other headphones you have tried on before. They are not uncomfortable but they will take some time getting used to. I would not at all call these headphones lightweight and portable, but they seem to fill the task of gaming very well.

+ Good sound quality.
+ Good clear recording.
- Big and cumbersome.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 sparks.

by Ken Addison, Associate Editor, Spark’d

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