Mitsubishi HC1500 720p DLP Projector Review

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Mitsubishi HC1500 720p DLP Projector

We’ve been building up our collection of projector reviews here at ConnectReviews, kicking it off with the Panasonic AE-1000U we reviewed last month. Today, we’re taking a look at a lower-priced 720p model from Mitsubishi, the HC1500.

Here’s the lowdown on the specs of this killer budget DLP projector. The images are displayed in 720P resolution at 1600 lumens with a 2500:1 contrast ratio. It operates as low as 25dB to keep from distracting you while watching your favorite Hollywood flick. On the back there is an array of inputs including: HDMI, VGA, Component, composite, and S-Video. The compact projector can display an image up to 275 inches diagonal, or as small as 40 inches diagonal.

In our testing, we used our Comcast high-definition cable box, an Oppo DV-981HD upconverting DVD player, high-definition content stored on a MacBook notebook computer, and the new Vudu box which we’ll be reviewing this month. At first glance, there was a noticeable screen door effect when viewing the image extremely up close, but this should not bother you if you’re sitting far back enough. Besides this, the image had great sharpness, rich color, and a particularly bright image compared to the AE-1000U rated at only 1000 lumens.

There are some quirks to point out though. There is no lens shift except for the extendable feet in the back and front, and the zoom was somewhat limited in our testing setup. In addition, it was hard to get the projector to fit our 80″ wall-mounted screen especially where our testing projectors normally are located. Besides all these, the projector performed exceptionally well in our tests but there is another new projector in town that could knock this one out, the Panansonic AX-200U which we’ll be reviewing in November.

The Mitsubishi HC1500 is available today for a price of just under $870 on Amazon.


  • Bright image.
  • Crisp and rich colors.
  • Relatively quiet at 25dB.
  • Great for consumers on a budget.


  • Noticeable screen door effect up close.
  • Only 1 HDMI input.

Final Verdict
4.5 out of 5 stars

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